Tarotpy® is another specialty I combine with talk therapy to deepen insights about the twists in our life stories. By turning on your intuitive intelligence, different ways of noticing and responding to life challenges rise to the occasion. When our soul’s restlessness is slowed there is a rare ability to discern higher truths buried from the mind’s usual way of knowing. This is a rare gift for illuminating what we want in life and how we’re getting there.

The practice of Tarotpy is a remarkable method for projecting the stuff of our unconscious onto the canvas of lived experience. Without worrying about the face value of the cards or traditionally prescribed outcomes, we reveal hidden layers of meaning that might influence pivotal decisions. I companion you, as if in a waking dream, and together we weave a tangible picture from the symbolic patterns and archetypal meanings emerging from the cards you select.

Deepening access to hidden messages contained in the cards reveals different perspectives and elements at play, usually just beneath the surface of your mind’s grasp. There are sources of intelligence within us and inspirational forces arising from the objects, people, things and creatures surrounding us. Finding the esthetic inspirations that turn you on, fortifies intuitive wisdom and the body’s unscripted intelligence. When these two are in sync, our dream life and other channels of creativity are enriched… and life becomes more fluid and joyful.

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