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Where you can rethink the telling of your story…

Neuroscientists speak about neuroplasticity as the power of our brains to change, especially when we hold a positive, upbeat attitude. At Life Sparks Coaching, any change you desire is possible. It starts by overhauling negativity, integrating new truths about yourself, and intentionally rehearsing the updated version. Physicists tell us there are infinite realities to imprint our new stories on. Why not find the stories you shine in? 

Life Sparks Coaching & Therapy invites you to find a new story worth telling


This circus Fire Eater inspired the name Life Sparks Coaching. While the image evokes fear in some, the fiery wands are also whimsically flowerlike.* Their billowy softness inspires us to keep effort flowing wherever we find ourselves. This is an essential practice I teach at Life Sparks Coaching.

*This image is from a larger Chagall-esque painting by my mother, Cynthia H.D. Koeppel.

Doorways to Services…

Meet Elanah

Philadelphia therapist Elanah Naftali

Life Sparks burned hot and steady for me as a teenager when I longed to leave behind my family’s story of emigration and a chaotic childhood with too many relocations. I got real good at being the new kid on the block with each passing school year. Fortunately, curiosity and my love of learning, coupled with physical daring and spunk, opened new doorways in my tale of becoming.

Whether seeking radical life change, or a gentle unfolding… it’s about finding your essential story.


Working with Elanah allowed me to express my thoughts and needs, to myself and the important people in my life. I was finally working in my best interest and was able to ask others for support… I decided to further my education and switch career paths to something that gave me a greater sense of purpose...

S.R., Chemist, PhD Candidate

Dr. Elanah helped navigate me through a particularly difficult time. She helped me build a robust anxiety tool kit that I can now channel even in my most anxious moments. This work helped shift my negative thought patterns and put me in the driver seat of my anxiety.

E.A., HR Consultant

I have been working with Elanah for almost a year now and I can confidently say that it has been the best experience I have ever had with therapy. From even the first few sessions, I’ve noticed changes in my behavior and mindset that have helped me greatly in my life at home, as an athlete, and in my workplace...

A.K., Bioinformatician

I sought out a Somatic Practitioner because I sensed there was stuck energy in my body from past trauma that basically was keeping me small and fearful in some areas… Elanah allowed me to lead our time together and bring to the table whatever was coming up for me. She is a seasoned practitioner and guide and has a vast repertoire of tools and techniques that she pulls from in order to meet the soul she is working with...

KellySue Fitzharris, Intuitive Reader of Souls & Spaces

With gentle voice and deep compassion, Elanah led me to calm when a crisis of panic had overtaken me. And then she taught me to do this for myself. I learned to attend to my body, to check in to my sensations and gently modulate my feelings. I learned to tap into difficult memories, to experience them in a different key, so that they became sources of strength. Elanah made a real and lasting change in my life, for which I am grateful...

C.M.M., PhD Candidate

The therapy Elanah provides is not traditional talk therapy and that's what makes it so powerful. Elanah creates a beautiful container in which you feel supported and encouraged to discover your true needs and find healing within that.

A.Z., Mental Health Therapist

I contacted Dr. Naftali to address a specific concern. She responded quickly and was open about how she engages with those she works with. I found her to be warm, engaging, intuitive, skillful and effective. I successfully addressed and made significant progress on the concern I intended to address.

P.R., Licensed Clinical Social Worker