Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

When seeking fast-paced, solution-focused change, coaching and hypnotherapy deliver results in a single session or two.A portal looking at the Great Wall of china Unlike psychotherapy which can last for years, these short-term approaches pull answers from our intuitive intelligence. Learn to access your inner wisdom and align it with a best-choice decision; old problems dissolve and new dreams come alive. Here’s how it works, when we achieve stillness of mind, the body’s natural inclinations whether favorable, deadly opposed, or somewhere in-between light up for notice like an operator’s switchboard. These physical signals when clearly deciphered can guide critical decisions.

The challenge is in recognizing what our body is communicating on a particular topic. Learn to recognize when good news signals a “yes, I can do”, by showing up with a sense of expansion in your chest or a buoyant upward pull at the back of your shoulders. In contrast, sights or sounds that cause us to cringe and round at the shoulders or stiffen at the back of the neck might be signaling, “no, don’t go there,” or “proceed with caution.” Sometimes these signals are subtle, or we’re not in the routine of noticing and minding them. Instead they spice up our dreams or peek out as intuitive flashes when we’re disinhibited from fixed ways of thinking about or viewing situations.

Hypnotherapy is a vehicle for dropping into a situation where you seek greater clarity or resolution of a problem. The beauty of hypnosis is that desired changes get sparked by removing blockages you created. Long-stored body memories surface and unconscious material rises into wakeful awareness at a pace that you manage. Hypnosis, used in conjunction with solution-based therapy, also known as “Integrative Life Coaching”, can change your:

  • Self-image concerning food, eating, and body size.
  • Self-confidence to act on a major life decision, concerning career or romance.
  • Sexual attractiveness to find an optimum mate.
  • Receptivity to a peril-filled fork in the road life decision.
  • Undesired and addictive behaviors triggered by conditioned habits or negative thoughts.
  • Feelings of being stuck about next steps on a career path.


Whether seeking radical life change, or a gentle unfolding …it’s about finding your essential story. Request a free Consultation…

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