How I Do Psychotherapy

Telling stories authenticates who we are and whom we long to become. Good things happen when we forge relationships that are trusting and supportive. I see therapy as a practice grounds for doing just that… offering a consistent kind lens on you and your efforts at showing up differently. Whether it’s a story that involves radical change, or gentle unfolding, we pace the work to suit your optimum learning. I think of psychotherapy as longer-haul change work, compared with coaching which seeks short-term solutions. With a look back at childhood, key relationships, our successes and failings, psychotherapy carves a broader and richer perspective of who we are, compared with the story we tell at first blush. By uncovering the events and forces that shaped us, there is an opportunity for forgiveness and vulnerability.

You will discover freedom from disappointments, losses, and regrets that otherwise fester as things we are powerless to change. By owing these foibles, bumps, and warts —we all have them— we can overhaul the shame that keeps us stuck and give ourselves permission to move on. This kind of deep self-acceptance happens best when we are done sitting in the dark and ready to embrace kinder ways of knowing ourselves. The gift of slowing down and finding new ways of showing up in our relationships is a change process for uncovering essential life sparks— what fuels our enthusiasm and what dims it. Bridging the gap between who we thought we were, with whom we can become, demands a tale of life-altering transformation or simply a different way of telling the story.

Whether seeking radical life change, or a gentle unfolding …it’s about finding your essential story. Request a free Consultation…

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