My SE Bio

I followed a passion for the culinary arts and Nutrition Science into my first career as a Registered Dietitian. As a Nutrition Researcher (DrPH), I focused on diet-disease risk factors in marginalized communities (e.g., Native Hawaiians, the Hmong of MN, and the Lakota Nations of Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge, SD). A reverence for preserving traditional food ways and healing practices inspired my work. When academic research took precedence over direct service provision –I knew it was time to move on.

I next explored spirituality as a professional ritual leader, completing another master’s degree and training as an interfaith Chaplain, in Philadelphia and NYC. This work taught me about presencing— what I call, ”catching” or “holding space” for trauma survivors and loved ones with active witnessing.

I also served as a hospice Bereavement Counselor, supporting terminally ill patients and their families. I trained hospice staff, including nurses aides and physicians, in mindfulness approaches to self-care. This work inspired me to train as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) specializing in trauma recovery.

With toes dipped as a Public Health Scientist, Spirit Guide, and Licensed Psychotherapist, I bring the expressive arts and rich life experience into my SE practice rooted in psychotherapy and hypnosis. I also weave SE and sex therapy into my couples’ work. Fostering radiant and coherent (balanced) nervous systems is my overarching goal.

I am honored to walk with you —recovering whatever went missing in your life.