Sex is how adults play and sometimes cope during stressful times. It’s about the sensual landscapes that foster a “feel good” zone for partners to satisfy sexual appetites. It also gives a snapshot of when you feel most connected to the people you care about.

“What turns you on?” and “What shuts you down?” …classic questions for probing the sexual legacies clients bring into therapy. I deepen these conversations by supporting partners to heal past hurts, and negotiate terms for safe play and an optimal exchange of pleasure.

Exploring the sensory language of clients’ intimate encounters, I assess the relationship dynamics that keep you in flow, or perpetually stuck. My objective is to support you in negotiating conflict and challenging situations. Rooted in a mindfulness attitude suited to all couple interactions, from sharing meals to exploring sexual fantasies, the focus is aimed at building safety and resilience in your primary relationships.


Some Areas of Focus

  • Supporting women seeking sexual pleasures that defy a faith-based upbringing.
  • Supporting parents of young children to resume their sexual dance in new and satisfying ways.
  • Eliminating the anxiety and anticipation of “performance” expectations.
  • Helping longtime partners and aging couples find different ways of satisfying sexual needs when the tried and true no longer work.
  • Supporting divorcees to explore sexual desires in fresh ways.   
  • Supporting individuals transitioning to new gender identities.