By recognizing how we store emotional stress in the body, we become more flexible at responding to stress, and in calling on supports that keep us intact and vibrant. My objective is to help clients recover Felt Ease in their body as a more balanced way of living.

Learn about your cues of safety and danger that prime you for play and connection, or put your guard up. This conditioning starts when we are young, and is receptive to healthy change when we recover our sense of grounding and how to restore wholeness. You will learn to shift out of nervous dysregulation and find ways of settling your system more swiftly, than either psychotropic drugs or conventional talk therapy can offer. As you deepen self-awareness about what sustains your built-in feel good zone, you will practice nervous system toning and balance.


My Approaches:

Mindful Focusing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, yoga and the movement arts.