Whether you experienced emotional or physical trauma in youth or later life, bodies turn symptomatic when anxiety and psychosomatic conditions go unaddressed and depression is the only means of coping. While we think we can halt painful memories, our sense of wellbeing is stressed if old hurts persist. I help you meet challenging life situations with more resilient responses than habitual ways of coping. My objective is for you to find an appreciative lens for telling your story, eliminating any stigma or shame of the past. It’s about showing up fully as your essential self with a unique form of self-expression.

I engage talk therapy in all of my approaches. In addition, my training in Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness, and embodied imagery are specialities that integrate sensory language and broaden the scope of how we track emotional mood swings and lived experiences. For example, how do you know that you are happy or sad? What are the body sensations that accompany each of these emotions? Some sensory cues are universal; others are peculiar to you. Together, we explore a way of working that honors your perception of life events, while integrating fresh approaches to meaning making.