At the heart of my work is helping clients experience Felt Ease in their personal lives and relationships. This work is about supporting the return of essential wholeness. Felt Ease is an experience of deep relaxation in body and mind which, with sustained practice, can become a regular way of being. Our ability to tap this primary experience enables us to curb the negative effects of stress on body and mind. When the experience of Felt Ease is opened up for easy access it becomes a way of supporting our best learning, creativity, and productivity. It is a place of noticing flow, connectedness, and beauty in our lives. By restoring these essentials of well-being, it is easier to see how habits or routine ways of doing things get in the way, limiting our choices and range of life experiences.

Finding or recovering FELT EASE around…

I work with the body, the unconscious stuff of our dreams and fantasies, life stories and epic sweeps of the imagination. It is about finding the metaphors and symbols that resonate with your creative expression and longing to become —an uninterrupted conversation between intellectual and intuitive ways of knowing. It is about weaving a journey for healing and your entry into wholeness; an exploration of trusting oneself and awakening with awe at new ways of being.

This work is about noticing how we get stuck in the stories we tell ourself, or the reasons we give for explaining our shortcomings and conditioned responses to stress. Since this shows up differently for everyone, session work is tailored to each individual’s way of opening and responding to change. We bring more quality into our lives when we are aware of what enhances our experience of Felt Ease and what detracts from it. I support you in finding the resources you need to sustain desired changes. At its core, Felt Ease is a practice that guides a client to their optimal way of being. When we no longer need to work at feeling loved or lovable, we can find greater peace within ourselves and our relationships.

If this sounds like a refreshing way of doing therapy, consider working with me to explore improvements in health, career, family, and love. When you can notice what’s missing in your life …change becomes less challenging to embrace.