Welcome to Life Sparks Coaching and Therapy

Where you can rethink the telling of your story…

It is said that 95% of our cells will be replaced in the next 24 hours, while the stories we tell remain the same.

Do you like the story you’ve been telling?

Do you like the story you are living?

          Would you like to tell a different story?

Life Sparks Coaching & Therapy invites you to find a new story worth telling. 

My Mission

Neuroscientists speak about neuroplasticity as the power of our brains to change, especially when we hold a positive, upbeat attitude. At Life Sparks Coaching, any change you desire is possible. It starts by overhauling negativity, inventing new truths about yourself, and intentionally rehearsing the updated version. Physicists tell us there are infinite realities to imprint our new stories. Why not find the stories you shine in? 

Doorways to Services…

Meet Elanah

Life Sparks burned hot and steady beginning as a teenager when I longed to leave a ghetto of despair and darkness; not my creation. I had a fighter’s determination to overcome poverty, a splintered home life, immigration, and an eating disorder. My longing for a brighter future was aided by innate curiosity and love for learning, physical daring, and an audacity for reinvention. Each adventure a new chapter in a tale of becoming.

Whether seeking radical life change, or a gentle unfolding …it’s about finding your essential story.